What is the 360° actually all about?

It is a modern tool for development of managerial competences, essentially based on assessment of behaviour from various groups of coworkers- i.e. raters. This feedback is a very useful tool to determine strengths and development needs of evaluated managers, that helps to propose the acceleration of managerial development. This objective tool can be compared to setting a mirror from different angles of view.

How is the feedback presented?

The outcome of the feedback is a clear and complex overview of how the behaviour of a particular manager is perceived by other co-workers from different levels (or even customers or suppliers). The overview is numerical and graphical as well as verbal. In this way the manager has a clear vision of their strengths and development needs.


360 CanDLE®

We have developed our own on-line system of 360°feedback, which has its own trademark „360 CanDLE®“. „CanDLE – stands for Creating and Developing LEaders“.

The biggest advantage of our system 360 CanDLE® is its absolute flexibility –and adaptability to clients' requirements. The project is always prepared according to your needs - and in ideal cases - according to your competence model.

360 CanDLE principles

  • Evaluation is absolutely anonymous (participants enter an on-line questionnaire on our website through a unique access code generated by the system, that nobody except for the particular participant knows.)
  •     Flexibility in settings of assessed competences – we have a database of dozens of competences, which you can use. Competences and items in the questionnaire are defined after an agreement with a client. A universal managerial questionnaire is available for your use as well.
  •     Flexibility in settings of rating scales – according to your wishes/habits
  •     System sums up the results of individual ratings, compares ratings by groups of raters and calculates the final manager‘s index
  •     Besides the so called numerical evaluation raters have a scope for verbal assessment, that offers a specific and targeted completion of numerical results.
  •     Flexibility is also in selection of number of assessed persons and assessors (validity of results is guaranteed, if the proportion of assessors to assessed person is minimum 5 / 1.)
  •     Comfortable and user-friendly - that's what the on-line filling of the evaluation forms is like. After agreement forms can be filled in in print version as well.
  •     Clear, comprehensible and transparent outcome reports for a manager – participant of feedback

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